Knowledge Base

  • Are our Apple spares original?

    This is an extremely common question. The first part of important information, is that Apple do not supply spares to any service provider in South Africa. That been said *OEM parts are accessible from Foxconn (The factory where Apple devices are assembled) theses spares are repackaged as OEM and are effectively original quality. TT3 use these spares.

    Many other service centers in South Africa use spares that are manufactured in other factories other than Foxconn which are different grade qualities, usually 3 grades, AAA (the best) AA grade and A grade (Worst). These spares are not original and should not be used.

    TT3 is also Apple certified, meaning our technicians have the applicable Apple certifications to Troubleshoot Apple products. 

    * OEM definition - An original spare manufactured in the same factory as the Apple device.


  • Are we an Authorised LG service provider?

    Due to our workmanship and quality of work, LG has entrusted TT3 to service all LG and in-warranty and out of warranty devices. 

  • Are we an Authorised Samsung service provider?

    Due to our workmanship and quality of work, we have been entrusted by Samsung SA to service all in-warranty and out of warranty devices. Including all ADH claims, which have to be processed in Port Elizabeth.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes. We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied. TT3 Repairs guarantees all parts installed by us for six (6) months from the date of your repair. If any part which we replaced becomes defective within 180 days, you may return your device to us and the defective parts will be replaced for free. If you experience any other unsatisfactory issues upon receiving your repaired device please contact us by phone to discuss the issue and, if necessary, to arrange for a return to TT3 Repairs for further repair work. Shipping fees, if any, for additional repairs will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Typically we pay for shipping when we are responsible.

    We do like to keep our customers for life and try our best to offer unrivaled service delivery, so if there is a dispute we do our utmost to make our customer happy.

  • How do I know how much a repair will cost after the diagnosis?

    All of our low repair costs are posted on our website already. No games. No gimmicks. We do however repair pretty much any device that comes our way and due to the fact that there are so many devices available, we offer a web form to fill out on our website so that we can quote for device prices that are not listed on our website.

  • How long does the complete diagnostic or repair process take?

    Once we receive your item, one of our expert technicians will repair or diagnose your device. This generally occurs the same day we receive your device. We then ship the device back to our customers as soon as the device is repaired. Time taken is obviously on a case by case basis. In some cases it may take only one day but it does sometimes happen that we have to wait on a supplier for a part. This been said, in worst case scenarios, it will never take longer than a calender week. If your order is a diagnostic service, we cannot repair your device without your consent. We make every attempt to contact you very quickly upon diagnosing your device.

  • How will this affect my Apple warranty?

    The Apple warranty is an excellent warranty but typically does not cover accidental damage. The primary reason your Apple warranty may become void is due to water-damage or other accidental damage. Notwithstanding, TT3 Repairs cannot be held responsible for current or future Apple policies regarding device warranties.

  • Should I order a diagnostic service or a repair service?

    If you don't know what's wrong with your device, order a diagnostic service. If you are highly confident you know what is wrong with your device (like a screen repair) order a direct repair, but if there are any incorrect diagnoses by our customers we contact the customer directly and quickly in order to re-quote, upon which we wait for approval on the quote before we start the repair.

  • What if I decline to have my device repaired?

    If you choose to decline the repairs quoted, we will be happy to ship the unit back to customer but the customer will be charged for the shipping. If you wish not to have the device returned back to you, you have the option for us to dispose of your device in an eco-friendly manner for free or make an agreement for us to purchase the device if salvageable, and in our best interests.

  • Which devices do you repair?

    Our technicians have professional expertise in the following products

    • iPad and iPhone : All versions
    • Samsung Galaxy Phones: All versions
    • Samsung Galaxy Tablets: All versions
    • Sony Xperia : All versions
    • LG : All versions
    • Nokia : All versions
    • Blackberry: All versions
    • Most tables
    • Most Smart Phones
    • Most Laptops
    • Most Desktop Computers

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash, EFT payments from all banks, we accept Paypal payments and have Debit card and credit card facilities at our offices.

  • Will I lose my data from the repair?

    Any repair can result in data loss. Keep your devices backed up. We strongly recommend backing up your device (preferably to iTunes if Apple) before and after the repair. If data-preservation is a primary reason for you seeking this repair, please call us or email us to discuss your situation.