Insurance services 

TT3 understand how important it is for Insurance brokers and underwriters to be cost effective when it comes to their bottom lines. We have become one of the leaders in the insurance repair industry. We strive to innovate and have outlined the following areas for insurers.


TT3 pride ourselves on ethics, we understand the importance of long term relationships with our clients and have therefore put into place rigorous assessment procedures to ascertain cause of damage, coupled with our experience to be as fair and sensitive as possible with our assessment conclusions.


We understand business and the importance of finding cost effective methods of finalising claims to maximise profits for our clients.


When representing our clients, it is very important for us to maintain the high level of service standards that our clients have implemented for their policy holders. Our repair turnaround times are one best in the industry.


Communication is king and have implemented amazing in house solutions for our clients to access real time repair updates and information.